Free Flowing Frozen Michigan Blueberries!

“Pound For Pound…The World’s Greatest Blueberries!”

These are the original amazing frozen blueberries you have seen, known and enjoyed at the Farmers Markets and French Markets all around Chicagoland since 2009!Available in the 5lb and 10lb boxes, from True Blue Farms and Roedger Bros.

Get them weekends at exclusive French market and Farmers market locations and available for new FREE home delivery to an ever growing list of communities.

For more information on current markets and home delivery options and even Chef, restaurant, spirits or brewery collaborations send us an email at:

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Blueberries From South Haven, Grand Haven, Covert and the Michigan Fruit Belt!
Blueberry Farms within the Michigan Fruit Belt are located on some very blessed acreage, boasting sandy soil, just the right amount of lake effect snow and the optimum weather for the growing of fantastic blueberries. Add in historically passed down and proven pruning techniques, dedication to excellence and a strong commitment to the environment and what you have is the recipe for real “Free Flowing Frozen Michigan Blueberries”. The perfect combination of great taste and ultimate nutrition…quite simply, “Pound for Pound…The World’s Greatest Blueberries!”

Michigan Blueberries
Michigan is known for growing some of the world’s finest fruit, peaches, cherries and apples to name a few… But did you know that the nowhere else on earth are more blueberries grown (some estimates are that today 45% of the blueberries in the world are grown in Michigan) and most experts agree that the very best tasting blueberries also come from Michigan, with those from the fruit belt being considered the best of the best!


True Blue BigIn 1993, Dennis and Shelly Hartmann started their first farm with just 25 acres of blueberries. As of today, True Blue Farms is one of the very best growers in North America, producing and marketing premium quality blueberries. We produce twelve distinct varieties of blueberries, allowing us to accommodate a variety of tastes and to have blueberries available throughout the entire summer. True Blue Farms is located in Grand Junction, Southwest Michigan’s “Blueberry Capital of the World”, just a few miles inland from the shores of Lake Michigan. We hope our fruit feeds your passion for excellence and rewards your sense of good taste.

LOGO RBB 1211 smallRoedger Bros. Blueberries
In early 2009 Dane Neal and Mike Roedger launched Roedger Bros. Blueberries with the goal of having the very best blueberries in the world available for people year round. Taking only the finest first pick blueberries from our very best fields and putting them directly into the deep freeze within hours of the harvest gives customers “fresh frozen” flavor that is second to none for smoothies, baking or right out of the box as a cool refreshing snack.


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