Josh Ozersky’s MEATOPIA Sizzles as THE South Beach Beast Feast!

Meatopia Sobe 1Chris Lilly Sobe MeatJosh Ozersky has done it again, bringing meat lovers and meat masters together, this time at the beach! Hear Josh Ozersky with Dane Neal of Access Appetite and Flavor HD as MEATOPIA takes over the South Beach Wine and Food Meat sobe 2Fest. Thousands of people enjoyed the best tasting beasts from all across the animal kingdom in this First for the Miami Fest.

“…Its a cross between pork butt…pastry…custard…and pure sex” – Josh Ozersky on Pat Martins’s Pulled Pork at MEATOPIA

Hear Josh talk about realizing a dream as his event makes it to the masses, the higher purpose of bringing more options to the forefront and front page…and the future of Chicago in his carnivorous crystal ball!

…”It would fulfill one of my “Meaty Dreams” to bring Meatopia to the meatiest of all American cities” – Josh Ozersky on a possible Meatopia in Chicago … Follow Josh on Twitter@OzerskyTV

meat guy 2Meatopia_SOBE_2015


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