Chef Jeff Mahin is Doin’ it and Doin’ it…and Doin’ it Rite!

Jeff Mahin Do Rite 1Do-Rite Donuts co-founder Chef Jeff Mahin joins Dane Neal to talk about the delicious business of building some of the world’s best donuts…AND the creative process of collaborating with friends from all walks of notoriety to make even more memorable flavors every two weeks. Always fresh, always fun as partners Jeff Mahin and Francis Brennan are constantly brainstorming on making that next great donut.

Hear as Jeff talks about his history, fine dining, culinary concepts and growing up loving donuts. Ever wonder what everyone in Chicago and George Clooney have in common?…Yep, we ALL LOVE Do-Rite Donuts…for more information on the latest collaborations, locations, hours and all things Do-Rite go to


To See and Hear this interview at WGNPlus as part of The Dane Neal Show go HERE

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Chef Jeff Mahin is Doin’ it and Doin’ it…and Doin’ it Rite!


The “Danetanamo German Chocolate Cake Donut”…from Do-Rite!! Available TODAY thru May 12th

Danetanamo German Chocolate Cake DonutDanetanamo German Chocolate Cake Donut

Our co-conspirator for the new Do-Rite collab is Dane Neal. Dane is a host and personality for WGN radio and has created and hosted national radio programs and features for over 15 years. He has interviewed everyone in food from Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay to the legendary Jacques Pepin… from Tom Colicchio & Top Chefs to Andrew Zimmern and the truly bizarre…Giada, Guy Fieri and our own Jeff Mahin. He is also a friend of Duff Goldman’s, so this is a natural tag-you’re-it in the collab series. Growing up, since the age of 5, German Chocolate Cake was always his requested birthday cake, which is perfect inspiration for a new donut creation. Chocolate cake old fashioned, classic gooey caramel, coconut and chopped pecan icing. This is on the shelf at both shops only until May 12, and this is a definite don’t-miss situation.

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