Alison Sweeney Shares on Inspiration, Social Media and Superfoods!

press_shot_alison_sweeneyBeloved by millions of fans for her work hosting mega hit shows like “The Biggest Loser” for 13 seasons and for even more as a longtime star of the globally popular soap opera “Days of Our Lives”, Alison Sweeney joins Dane Neal this week at WGN. Hear Alison share her latest projects in film, books and food, helping America make healthy choices during the holidays with BLUEBERRIES. Listen as she recaps the amazing recent events of how a young Syrian refugee (who also has cerebral palsy) overcame oppression to learn English by watching episodes of her favorite show Days of Our Lives, and how against the odds Alison connected with this inspirational girl though the magic of social media.

For more information and holiday recipes as healthy as they are delicious go to: and for the full story on Alison and the amazing Syrian refugee Nujeen Mustafa check out:


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